The Madison County Foundation for Community Arts provides support to artists,

cultural organizations, and creative industries.

Our purpose is to encourage and promote the arts in Madison County.

Our Aspirations Include

Funding: to provide grants, funding, or other financial

support to artists and cultural organizations.

Advocacy: We will work to raise public awareness of the arts,

and to advocate for increased community support for the arts.

Promotion: organize exhibitions, festivals, and other events

to showcase the work of local artists and cultural organizations.

Networking: to be an arts pollinator and provide

opportunities for artists and cultural organizations

to network and collaborate with one another.

The purpose of the

Madison County Foundation

for Community Arts

is to help create a thriving and

diverse cultural landscape,

and to support the creation

and dissemination of artistic work.


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Directory of Artists

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As a way to support our mission,

we hope you will become a member.

By paying a small membership fee for financial support; buying and carrying our logo items to become a “walking advertisement” raising awareness of the Foundation, and reading our newsletter to be informed of our activities in the community.

to print the membership application.

Then return it to any board member

or mail it to

PO BOX 541,

Winterset, IA 50273.



Chris Bertelson - President

Paul Meyer - Vice President

Pete Loiler - Treasurer

Theresa Caligiuri - Secretary


Christine Baker, Christine Hilbert

Megan Barrett, Kristy Hoefing

Mary Burrack, Jewel Madsen

Melissa Callstrom, Amy Maiers

Mike Fletcher, Nancy Trask